Counselling via Skype

I provide Counselling via Skype face-to-face for individuals who are unable to attend in person. This may be due to disability, distance, agoraphobia for example.


I am experienced in working with individuals who live overseas, particularly in countries where counselling is limited. Perhaps you travel frequently for business purposes.


Skype is also an option for those who may have moved away and want to reconvene with a therapist who they are familiar with who already knows their story.


In order for sessions to be productive, it is essential to have a quiet private space where you will not be disturbed, along with a reliable Internet connection.

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Clinical Supervision

I provide Clinical Supervision for Counsellors and Supervisors. Supervision is a space where the supervisee reviews their work with clients, their professional and often personal development. We meet fortnightly or every 4 weeks depending on your individual requirements. Clients’ identities remain anonymous.


Akin to my counselling approach, I offer supervision from an Integrative perspective. As with the counselling relationship, I believe supervision can allow for well-timed light-heartedness. So I utilise humour where appropriate.

I consider practitioner self-care crucial for supervisees that I work with and ardently encourage and support them in this regard. After all, if we are not taking care of ourselves as practitioners, how can we authentically be present for our clients?


Supervision via Skype may be an option for those that are unable to physically attend meetings.

Those outside of us mirror to us, the relationships we may be experiencing with our inner selves. If we consistently experience others not listening, ignoring, rejecting us, this could be a reflection of how we are treating ourselves - Jazz Carol Gordon

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